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Produced Film Projects

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Documentation "Verdammt - Das wahre Schicksal der Ketzerinnen" (2017)

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"The Physician" (2013)

Der Medicus im unterirdischen Gang [(c): © Ufa Fiction GmbH]

In summer 2012, a film crew led by director Philipp Stölzl made a stop in Central Germany, especially impressed by the castle Querfurt.  The film transformed the Querfurt Castle, producing some of the most impressive film edits. The film served as an indispensable backdrop for this marvelous middle age epic. Four weeks of construction of modified parts made the castle so impressive, that even some of our staff imagined to be in a different location at a different time. Director Philipp Stölzl made use of the beautiful landscape and of people from the Orient to strongly contrast to the dirty, dark, and rough everyday life occuring simulatnously in England.

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Ken Follett's "Journey into the Dark Ages" (2012)

Der Fürstenkeller in 'Zeitreise ins finstere Mittelalter' [(c): © Tandem Productions GmbH]

In the two-part documentary, the internationally successful author Follett presents characters who inspired his epic best-sellers "The Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End". It is an impressive documentary that is gaining conviction and is arousing excitement for the originality of the medieval castle.


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Fairy Tale "Die sechs Schwäne " (2012)

Szene in der Nordostbastion [(c): © ZDF]

In addition to the main actors Sinja Dieks (Constanze), André Kaczmarczyk (Prince Mark) and Julia Jäger (Queen Sieglinde). Henning Peker (Steward Otto) and Anton Algrang (Heinrich) also shined. As seen in the movie, the stage workers transformed the kennel, and the east and the west-rondels to marvelously embody the queen's castle. Those familiar with the castle are likely to be the impressed by the timber framework in the East Bastion, which was installed specially for the film production.


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Fairy Tale "Die zertanzten Schuhe" (2011)

Die zertanzten Schuhe [(c): FilmBurg Querfurt]

For the Brothers Grimm fairy tale classic remake, ARD committed numerous first-class actors. Amongst them were Carlo Ljubek, Inez Bjørg David, Ruth Glöss, Janina Flieger, Luise von Finck, Andreas Schmidt and Dieter Hallervorden, all present at the castle.  It was party filmed simultaneously with the movie “Jorinde and Joringel.” The hustle and bustle can be easily envisioned. The moat, the East Bastion, the West Gate, and the courtyard were ideally suited for the use of locations for the wonderful and enigmatic princess film. If your curiosity has now been aroused, take a look why the 12 princesses every night had a new pair of "zertanzte shoes" and why Anton came them unnoticed off the track.

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Fairy Tale "Jorinde and Joringel" (2011)

Joringel und der Raubritter [(c): Antaeus Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH]

For the fourth time, ANTAEUS-Film GmbH produced "Jorinde and Joringel" for a fairy tale adaptation. For the fourth time, Bodo Fürneisen, from ANTAEUS Film GmbH, was commissioned as a director to take the responsibility. Fürneisen and his team maintained their high quality standards throughout the film. Excellent cast, funny dialogues and beautiful locations, all combine to provide the film a setting of a historic home. It was filmed in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt.


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"Pope Joan" (2009)

Burghof in 'Die Päpstin' [(c): © Constantin Film]

Constantin Film’s bestseller filmed 2009 "Pope Joan" directed by Sönke Wortmann, was filmed at the Querfurt Castle. Three weeks of complex construction work brought the castle back to the 9th century: The lawn in front of the church was covered with peat, manure and soil. Next to the “Dicker Heinrich,” wooden huts were built. Inside the apprentices arranged a stockrooms and a camp for the blacksmith and his horses. The entire west gate and the west gate system were made reminiscent of the time of "Pope Joan," and all the props were designed accordingly in Romanesque style. In the Northeast rondell, was the set for Knight Gerold’s quarter. Inside the Prince's House and the "Ottonenkeller" were the apartments for Johanna. Set up for her life as both a child and an adult. Johanna Wokalek and David Wenham (known from the "Lord of the Rings.") were the main actors. At the castle, up to 300 extras were temporarily cast for different scenes in the courtyard. A couple of highlights included the attack of the Normans, the night scene at the castle church and the church surrounded by flames.

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"1½ Knights" (2008)

1 1/2 Ritter - Ausritt aus dem Westtor [(c): © Barefoot Films]

Til Schweiger and his team shot "1½ Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde" inside the Castle. Amongst the places used for filming was the "Ottonenkeller", which had been rebuilt as a torture chamber. An epic medieval market was arranged between the fortified church and the Prince's House. Numerous horses for the film production were gathered from the horse trader Dieter Hallervorden.  They were housed inside stables, within the converted casemates.


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Fairy Tale "Licht der Liebe" (1989)

Das Licht der Liebe - Szenenplanung am Westtor [(c): DEFA]

The last DEFA movie "Light of Love," was filmed based on the Danish epic poem and classic fairytale "King René's Daughter". Filming started in the summer of 1989. Due to the turmoil of the German political environment of the early 1990s, the movie was first finished in 1991. In some scenes, you will recognise nice shots of the south-roundel, the south-entrance to the courtyard’s east side, the castle church and sections of the west gate.

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